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Aline Paes is a singer from Rio de Janeiro. At the early days of her career, in 2010, she applied for "Divas da Música Brasileira Award", an important musical competition in São Paulo, was selected as finalist, and won the top prize, acclaimed as the best among singers from different parts of Brazil. The award paid homage to Ademilde Fonseca, Dóris Monteiro e Alaíde Costa, very meaningful Brazilian singers, and the jury was formed by the famous music expert journalist Sérgio Cabral, the singer Ná Ozzetti, and the musician and musical researcher Charles Gavin.

Her solo concert debut was in 2009, named “Noite Aberta”. The repertoire was brazilian popular music only, privileging original songs from new composers of her generation. In 2010, she was one of the singers on “Mulheres que cantam” project, from the brazilian songwriter Pedro Ivo Frota. The project generated the cd entitled “Leve o porto – Mulheres que cantam Pedro Ivo” (Tundum, 2010), where Aline performs along with three singers: Karla da Silva, Luiza Borges and Patrícia Oliveira.  

2012 was the launching year of her duo with the brazilian guitar player André Siqueira. The concert debut, named “De Lendas e barcos – Thiago Amud songs”, presented the innovative striking work from this carioca songwriter. Their concert's tour started in Rio de Janeiro and ended up in São Paulo. In the same year, Aline went do New York and Philadelphia, where she made concerts with local and brazilian artists, such as Pandeiro Repique Duo and Carlos Malta.


In 2015 Aline releases her first album "Batucada Canção", by Biscoito Fino label, and with the colaboration of great musicians as Carlos Malta, Nicolas Krassik, Gabriel Grossi, Pandeiro Repique Duo and Luis Barcelos.

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